Outdoor Broom




  1. I bought a set of these brooms about 7 years ago at a home expo and they are the best brooms I have used, both indoors and out, great for sweeping grass off paving as the grass does not get stuck in the rubber bristles and indoors great for sweeping pet hair.

  2. this broom makes sweeping an actual joy! My family and staff love this broom and it’s never an issue being the person who has to sweep up the floor! I have a very busy florist studio, and we use our sweepa broom all the time, including after hosing down the floors with the straight rubber edge to slosh away any excess water. It’s really a great product.

  3. This is my second broom.

  4. this is my second broom. Very happy with the product

  5. I bought the broom at the homeshow recently and it is a fantastic product as I have a lot of concrete to clean.The broom does an excellent job all-round especially after mowing the grass.

  6. Great broom that has lasted about 8 years. We bought at the Floriade in Act as part of a set and we are now going to get a new one as the bristles have worn down

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